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The History of the Border Gendarmerie

The border gendarmerie was a military corps founded in 1839 by the Danish King Frederik 6.

They guarded the borders for smugglers, border guards and refugees.

Gendarms in light blue uniforms and customs officers ind black uniforms in front of the Farm Blokager in Kalvslund. Foto: Kalvslund Lokal Archiv.

The Border Gendarmerie

Promotion Hindered by Icelandic Horses

Promotion Hindered by Icelandic Horses

Born in Vejen, Peder Madsen Kjær (1862-1937) became a sergeant in the Border Gendarmerie and served in Hømlund and Vester Vedsted. He was also responsible for the policing of the construction work at Ribediget, which was completed in 1915.

Horses and promotions

Dismounted Sergeant Kjær had faced promotion for years. However, as his superior, Lieutenant Colonel Rømmeling, noted in the recommendation, this could not occur until 1914, when it was decided to use riding horses again. Kjær had simply weighed too much for an Icelandic horse to carry him. He became a mounted sergeant first class in Obbekær, going on to become a staff sergeant at the border in Bov following the Reunification in 1920.