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Smugglers and Gendarmes near Klåby

Smuggling took place in both directions across the border.

If a particular consumer item was cheapest in Germany, it was smuggled into Denmark, and maybe sold at a higher price -and vice versa.

The district’s women often sewed big pockets in their underskirts. The pockets were used to store contraband. Another trick consisted of going to Germany in one’s old shoes, buying new ones, and leaving the old ones behind before walking home to Denmark.

The locals would often tease the gendarmes, and at the beginning of the 1900’s, Farm Manager Jakobsen of Klåbygård was fined 4 DKK for having allowed his dog to chase the gendarmes while he drove his horse wagon so close to them that they had to jump off the road and into a ditch.

The gendarmes could also be punished.
Gendarme Madsen was found sleeping during his watch on the night of 5 and 6 July and sentenced to 3 x 24 hours of dark and solitary confinement in Ribe, without reduced rations.

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