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When Kalvslund Sogn became Divided between Two Countries

In 1865 the municipality of Kalvslund was divided between Denmark and Prussia.

A Russian soldier who fled to Denmark is buried in the cemetery.

German or Danish?

Following the defeat in 1864, Kalvslund Sogn was at risk of becoming German. The border was originally set to cut through Kalvslund village at a slant, whereby part of the main road between Ribe and Kolding would become German. According to this local famers and peasants would have land on both sides of the border, and they therefore asked the King, Christian IX, if they could remain in Denmark. While the border was moved as a result on 20-21 September 1865, the parish ended up being divided in two. While Hjortvad, Bavngård and Ravning to the east were incorporated into Sdr. Hygum Sogn, thereby coming under German control, the rest continued to be Danish.

The Russian refugees

In the graveyard, one can see the gravestone of Piotr Sinkiewitz who died on 27 July 1919. A Russian soldier, he had probably been taken prisoner by the Germans during WWI. He was born on 21 June 1891 in Mirzani, currently located in Belarus. Following his escape to Denmark, he became a farmhand at the Singelgård farm in Kalvslund under Niels Brodersen.

According to the locals, Piotr Sinkiewitz drowned while swimming in Kongeåen.