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The Southern Jutlandic Cause in Ribe

In each of their periods, two people became important to Ribe and South Jutland. The politician H. A. Krüger and the editor-in-chief of the Ribe founder, C. Willemoës, worked for the South Jutland movement and are reminded of Ribe.

The Southern Jutlandic Cause in Ribe

Sønderjysk Forening for Ribe og Omegn (i.e. The Southern Jutlandic Association for Ribe and its Environs) was founded on 1 April 1892. It was one of many Southern Jutlandic associations throughout the country that provided financial aid to citizens south of the border of Southern Jutlandic extraction, and brought the conditions of Danish-minded people living south of the border into focus. In 1920, a local branch of Den Danske Grænseforening (i.e. The Danish Border Association) was founded in Ribe.

Memorial stone in remembrance of Hans Andreasen Krüger (1816-1881)

In Krügers Anlæg, there is a memorial stone in remembrance of Hans Andreasen Krüger (1816-1881). While originally from Bevtoft, he came to hold great symbolic significance for the inhabitants of Ribe. He was an estate deputy in Schleswig and later elected to the Parliament in Berlin. During the First Schleswig War, he acted as an advisor to the Danish Army because of his views.

Niels Carl Georg d'Obry Willemoës (1867-1954)

Niels Carl Georg d'Obry Willemoës (1867-1954) was born in Flensburg to Danish-minded parents. He became the editor of the local newspaper, Ribe Stiftstidende, in 1898, and was greatly involved in the Southern Jutlandic cause, amongst other things by obtaining information from Germany.

He became an honorary citizen of Ribe in 1946, and is buried in Ribe Ny Kirkegård.