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The Danish Customs Offices in Skallebæk and Gelsbro

While the Danish customs office was called Gjelsbro Border Duties Collection Office from 1865-1873, and again from 1899-1920; it was called the Skallebæk Border Customs Control Office from 1873-1899.  

On 1 August 1889, the customs office changed its status to that of a control post from which only certain goods could be exported, and was placed under Egebæk Customs Border Control Office. From 1 April 1901, the customs office belonged under the Customs House in Ribe.

The Danish customs office has had 5 different addresses: from 1865-1866 in a mill, Skallebælk Mølle, on Haderslevvej 148; from 1866-1899 in an inn, Skallebæk Kro, on Haderslevvej 152; from 1899-1920 on Haderslevvej 155; and for a few months in 1920 in the abandoned German customs building on Ribe Landevej 34. In addition there was a reporting post by the border itself at Årupvej 1.

The customs office was located 5 km from the border, due to the lack of a suitable building close to Gelsbro. As a result, the official line along which policing took place was drawn back towards the customs office for a number of years, so that the gendarmes did not have to walk as far while on guard duty.


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