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The Danish Customs Office at Obbekær

The parish of Obbekær Sogn was separated out from Fole Sogn on the German side and was established as a Danish parish following the defeat in 1864.

Located in three rooms in farm owner Petersen’s residence in Obbekær, Obbekær Border Customs Office opened in 1865. However, the office lacked a kitchen and a couple of months later the customs officer moved into Parish Executive Officer Hans Jørgen Hansen’s former herdsman’s home, which also had enough space for a gendarme family. In 1870, the Parish Executive Officer built a customs building in his garden, a building that still exists today at Toldvej 3.

Fæstedhede Reporting Post opened on 1 March 1905. Situated on the roadside between Fæsted Mose and Kamtrup, Danish citizens could register their tax-free goods here.

Obbekær was small parish in terms of population figures, comparatively speaking. In 1870, the parish contained 156 inhabitants - 84 men and 72 women. Of these, 17 (both children and adults) worked for the customs and border services. Except for a schoolteacher, a tailor, a tailor’s assistant and a seamstress, the remaining inhabitants lived off the land.