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Ribe during the 1st Schleswig War

The 1st Schleswig War (the Three Years’ War) lasted from 1848-1851. The Schleswig-Holsteinians wanted Schleswig to be reunified with Holstein, acquire a liberal constitution, and become a part of the German Confederation.

Ribe’s citizen armed corps headed to Tønder

Ribe Bürgerwaffen. Quelle: Dansk Center for Byhistorie.In Ribe, there was a fear that the town would be occupied by rebels and German-minded citizens from Tønder. As a result, 300 men from Ribe’s citizen armed corps, Frikorpset Ribe, headed to Tønder on 4 April 1848 and occupied the town for 24 hours.

The Prussia kidnapped the administrative officer

On 23 April, the Danes lost a battle in Schleswig, and over the following days German troops, under the command of General Wrangel, occupied the south-eastern part of Jutland.

While he demanded supplies, Ribe’s prefect, Count Marius Sabinus Vilhelm Sponneck (1787-1874), refused to deliver luxury items such as brandy and cigars. This led to Ribe being occupied from 13-14 May; prominent citizens being ripped out of their beds, and Count Sponneck being taken to Kolding, where he negotiated an agreement that was put into effect. He was released on 22 May.
Three days later, General Wrangel pulled his troops out of Northern Jutland under pressure from Russia.