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Connections to other pathways

Along the Border Path you have the opportunity to continue along other pathways. More information about routes below. 

The Ansgar-Route

In Stensbæk Plantage and Varming there is a connection to the Ansgar Trail, which leads from Haderslev Cathedral to Ribe Cathedral and tells about the journey of the monk Ansgar from Hedeby to Ribe in 826. Ansgar founded a church in Ribe and is known as the "Apostle of the North", the spread of Christianity in the north.

The Drove Road (Drivvejen)

From Hviding and Egebæk-Hviding you can connect to the Drove Road (Drivvejen), a hiking trail from Leck in northern Germany to Holstebro. The trip is based on a trade route that has existed since ancient times. Here, among other things, cattle, pigs, geese, hunting pots, wool and lace were transported to the markets in Ribe and further south. The Drove Road meandered through the landscape and developed into primary route 11. The hiking trail follows small roads and paths. The path is part of a 6,000 km hiking route around the North Sea with hiking trails in the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, England and Scotland.

The Kongeaa Path

The Border Path ends at Villebøl. You can continue along the old border by following the Kongeaa Path which is a hiking trail that follows the 1864 border in the east and the Kongeaa in the west. Along the route there are stories about trade, agriculture, churches, nature, smuggling and the border problem around Kongeaa.

The Storm Surge Route

This 56 km long tour is a hiking as well as cycling path. Along the route there are stories about the marsh, dikes and storm surges that have always been a living condition in the Wadden Sea. The Storm Surge Route is connected to the Border Path between Egebæk-Hviding and Vester Vedsted.

West Coast Cycle Route (Vestkystruten)

If you'd rather replace your walking shoes with cycling shoes, you can follow the Ribediget along the North Sea Cycle Route, which is a 6,000 km cycle route from Scotland to Denmark. It is the longest signposted cycle path in the world and 560 km follow the west coast of Jutland from Rudbøl to Skagen under the name West Coast Cycle Route (Vestkystruten).